LFLW Launch

Our Mission

We build leadership to achieve Sustainable Development guided by the Sustainable Development Goals, challenging and supporting a cohort of Young people to collaborate across countries to find innovative and sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives.

Our Imperative

The future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands. It lies also in the hands of today's younger generation who will pass the torch to future generations.” 2030 Agenda

The SDGs are ambitious and complex and require innovative solutions and action-oriented implementation. At the same time, the world is becoming more and more inter-connected in a globalised world. People can come together across communities and generations to find holistic solutions that protect the planet and to champion change. Young people, in particular, have the potential to serve as change makers through interaction, experience, experimentation and finding solutions to local and global issues of development.

General Characteristics of the Fellowship

The general characteristics of the LFLW model consists of the following:

  • The Fellowship will adopt and be based on principles of Experiential learningthat would enhance the capacity of Individuals and the Member Institutions to achieve leadership in Sustainable Development - guided by, but not limited to the SDGs
  • The Fellowship will consist of a Learning component– enhancing the process of knowledge production throughout the duration of the programme.
  • Member institutions necessarily have a Sustainable Development focusand conduct development activities in their respective countries.
  • Member institutions will agree to send X fellows (paying for travel) and host X fellows (arrange for modest accommodation)
  • Member Institutions will announce Fellowship opportunities and prospective fellows can apply and compete internally within their institutions to obtain a fellowship placement with an overseas Member Institution
  • The Length of fellowship is One Month to Three Months depending on Visa restrictions and the capacity of Member Institutions to host fellows.

Our Core Values

Inner transformation- Personal awakening & transformation leading to

awakening & transforming Global Communities

Experiential Learning- a well-grounded, practical approach to

observation, problem solving, learning, ‘un-learning’, conceptualizing

and active experimenting

Mutual Respect- tolerance, diversity, equality, respecting values

Sharing- knowledge, skills, resources, alternative approaches/solutions

Linkage/Network- a community of practitioners, a network of future

mentors, a global network of alumni, a network of strong partner


Flexibility-flexible development approach,

language should not be a hindrance to the learning process


Meet the Team

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Sarah Macfarlane

Sarah Macfarlane


Founding Advisor

Marian Jacobs

Marian Jacobs

Founding Advisor 

Shisir Khanal

Shisir Khanal

Founding Advisor - Teach for Nepal

Vinya Ariyaratne

Vinya Ariyaratne

Founding Advisor & Director

udesh fernando

Udesh Fernando

Programme Manager 

Abdul Matin

Abdul Matin

Founding Advisor - SOJAG

Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong

Founding Advisor - Aga Khan University East Africa